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Ultrium215 external drive--Assessment test fail

Occasional Contributor

Ultrium215 external drive--Assessment test fail


I ran LTT 4.6's assessment test on the Ultrium215 drive and then got a failed result(test incomplete). However this Ultrium215 drive successful passed assessment test on LTT4.2. This ultrium215 drive also can complete successfully backup/restore in DPX (35
GB) . It looks like the ultrium215 drive is working fine.

The Windows2003 was hung when I use LTT4.6 to perform â ExtractDeviceDataâ . But the support ticket can be saved successfully by LTT4.2&4.5sr1.

I want to know why the assessment test & save support ticket got different result between LTT4.6 and LTT4.2.
please find respective logs from attachment.