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Unable to Locate New MSL6030 tape Library

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Mark Burbage
Frequent Advisor

Unable to Locate New MSL6030 tape Library

Afternoon guys

I am trying to configure an MSL6030 Tape Library in a SAN Environment. Everything seems to be working ok as far as the switch seeing the WWN of the library and I have created the Tape Library zone with the servers and SMA. The problem is that I am unable to configue DP5.5 to locate the library. I think this is because all the servers aren't seeing the device (Don't get the new hardware detected message show up on the servers.) I think it could be a zoning issue but I'm not sure.

The alias for the tape library has the WWN in it and this alias along with all the servers aliases appear in the Tape Library Zone.

Any help would be welcome.

Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to Locate New MSL6030 tape Library


First you must be able to see the tape drive on your OS. If this is not the case then double check your san switch zoning.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Unable to Locate New MSL6030 tape Library

Did you check the mapping on the NSR?
You should see the lib controller and the drives in the current map.
Otherwise the devices are already blocked at the NSR.

Hope this helps!

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Mark Burbage
Frequent Advisor

Re: Unable to Locate New MSL6030 tape Library

It was a problem with the NSR mapping on the MSL6030. It seems that there where no mapping references to the Robotics and the drives. Once I added those it now works fine. Thanks for your help guys.