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Unable to read tapes created by different HP DLT drive.

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William Harrington_1
Frequent Advisor

Unable to read tapes created by different HP DLT drive.

Trying to run a restore with Veritas Backup Exec 10.0. The backup tape was created on a MS Server2003 machine with a HP Storeage Works VS80 Auto Loader Tape Drive and we are trying to test the restore process by using a HP NetServer running Server2003 /or 2000 (tried both)with a HP Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive.
The 8000 drive is unable to read a tape created by the VS80 and the VS80 can not read a tape created by the 8000.
When a tape made by the VS80 is put in the 8000 it loads the tape, shows the "use cleaning tape" light and then continues to complain about the tape. When viewing the tape status in Veritas, after it final stops buzzing and complaining it shows the tape as unknown.

Is there a format difference or setting I can change so the VS80 tape can be read by the 8000 drive?

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to read tapes created by different HP DLT drive.

Hi William,

From what I know about the drives they are both completly different technologies and work in different ways.

They both format tapes and write to them in there own way.
The dlt8000 for example writes over the tape rewinds it then writes over the same portion of tape but a different area, like stripes.
The Vs80's write across the tape as they go along. This makes them quicker drives as they are not stopping and starting/rewinding all the time.

There is more info on the drives at the storage part of Hp's site

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Re: Unable to read tapes created by different HP DLT drive.

This is a quote from the specs:

"To write to DLT Type IV Data Cartridges previously written by a DLT 40, DLT 70, and/or DLT 80, each data cartridge must first be degaussed before usage with a DLT VS80 or DLT1 Tape Drive or device."

See this link for more information:

Hope this helps!

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