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What is the difference between MSL5000 & 6000 unit?

Adrian McClatchie
Occasional Advisor

What is the difference between MSL5000 & 6000 unit?

What is the difference between an MSL5000 & MSL6000 unit?
Anyone have a clue or is it just a marketing thing?
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: What is the difference between MSL5000 & 6000 unit?

MSL5000 doesn't support LTO3 or LTO960 tape drive
MSL6000 doesn't support LTO1 or LTO230 tape drives
Mike Cross

Re: What is the difference between MSL5000 & 6000 unit?

Actually the major differences are drives and IO performance.

The MSL5000 has in IO module in it that limits through-put to 80 MB/sec.

No auto power on feature. Had to touch the GUI to enable power up.

Drives supported: DLT8000
You actually could plug in SDLT600
LT03 (non HotPlug)

but it would be a capacity play. You would
not be happy with the performance.

Supported Hot plug drives.

There are 2 versions of MSL6000;

origianl version had an IO module in it that limited through-put to 160 MB/sec.

Added auto power-on feature. You no longer have to touch the GUI for unit to power up after a power fail.

Drives supported: LTO2
LT03 (capacity play only)

Supported Hot Plug drives.

2nd generation MSL6000 doesn't have an IO board that limits through-put.

No longer supports Hot-plug drives or Power supplies in the 5U box.

New Drive shoes- SCSI connector on Drive shoe instead of drives.

Only supports the following drives:

SDLT600, LT02, and LT03.