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Win 2003 standard with colorado 5GB problems

Johan Böhlin
Occasional Visitor

Win 2003 standard with colorado 5GB problems

I have problems using my colorado 5GB travan external in windows 2003 server standard. If i boot with the colorado connected to the computer i'll get a bluescreen saying that it's some kind of trouble with the drives and the stop error 000000f7.
If i disconnect the drive and plug it in afterwards and search for new hardware in the devicemanager i get the same stop error.

What could be the problem and what could i do about it?
Trusted Contributor

Re: Win 2003 standard with colorado 5GB problems

and get the drivers and software off our website.〈=English+%28US%29&pnameOID=12510&basePartNum=co521&locBasepartNum=co521en&os=Microsoft+Windows+2000&tech=Driver〈=English+%28US%29&pnameOID=12510&basePartNum=COL2294&locBasepartNum=co-10417-2&os=Microsoft+Windows+2000+Pro&tech=Application
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