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Write in a dat72

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Write in a dat72

Are in possession of a dat72, so I connect usb to a port, the computer recognizes and all, I downloaded all possible drivers and FW, on the management removable storage see both the dat that the tape: but not have mode of access to write to us above the data!

I also run the tool tape and it tells me that is all ok

but I've search in computer and in other parts. I can't access this tape for save inside the stuff.

pls help

(sorry for English)
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Write in a dat72

Humm.. do you expect to see the tape as a drive inside "My Computer"?

It does not work that way, you need a backup software that knows how to handle tape drives.

Try the one that comes with Windows for example.
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Re: Write in a dat72

i love u :D

(sorry for noob question :P)