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about A5597A(20/700) tape library CRC validation

Jerry Chen_2

about A5597A(20/700) tape library CRC validation

My customer has a 20/700 library
I have upgrade it's firmware to 2.36(newest) at 12/14/2001
But the web screen from 20/700 show some error message at 1/29/2002
The message is :
The flash file system data does not pass CRC validation check(This happens most often when a firmware download has NOT completedsuccessfully ,retry the firmware download & reboot the machine)

I don't know what is CRC validation,and why this happened after one month that I upgrade the firmware.
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: about A5597A(20/700) tape library CRC validation

Greetings ????????g

My question would be, what was the firmware version on the library BEFORE you upgraded ? There is a situation where you would have to perform the upgrade 2 times for it to succeed.

My next step would be to reflash the library again with code 2.36.

best regards,

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: about A5597A(20/700) tape library CRC validation

I'll provide some more detail on reloading the firmware twice.

When going from pre-2.30 firmware to 2.30 or later, the following procedure should be done:

1) Load the 2.3X code once.
2) RESET THE LIBRARY so it will re-IPL. Use the reset button.
3) Reload the 2.3X code.

This should eliminate the 3D01 FSC error.
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