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autoloader 1/9 problem on W2K with /pae /3GB

Cons Santos
Occasional Contributor

autoloader 1/9 problem on W2K with /pae /3GB

Im having problem using my HP autoloader 1/9(updated firmware) on a w2k machine with 6GB memory, /pae and /3GB switch in the boot.ini.

My backup software (Omniback 4.10) can do a complete scan of media, can detect blank and OBII Foreign Tape successfully. But CANT format, import and do backup. The following are the errors I received :

- 90:52 Cannot read from device ([87]). The parameter is incorrect.

- 90:53 Cannot seek to requested position ([87]). The parameter is incorrect.

- 90:51 Cannot write to device ([87]) The parameter is incorrect.

Please take note that everything run smoothly whenever I remove the /pae and /3GB in the boot.ini. Unfortunately i need that boot.ini switches for my application.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: autoloader 1/9 problem on W2K with /pae /3GB

please post message to management software or Microsoft section of ITRC forum. Anyway, you can use HP LTT from and verify library