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colorado backup II and Win NT

Occasional Contributor

colorado backup II and Win NT

I have a Colorado Jumbo 250 tape drive that I previously had installed on a system running Win 95. The software used on this system was Colorado Backup ver 2.91.

We are switching to Win NT and I want to access data from the tapes that were made in Win 95. I have installed Colorado Tape Backup II ver 8.1 software on the NT computer and have attempted to read data from my old tapes. THe problem is that the device does not show up in the drop-down list in the Colorado software. When I open the "Configure Devices" window, it does show up as a QIC-80 drive. SO that is odd to me that it is not showing up in the main program window as a recognizable device.

What's going on?

Thanks in advance,
Occasional Contributor

Re: colorado backup II and Win NT

By the way, I am running NT 4.0 service pack 6