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dat 40x6

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dat 40x6

I install dat 40x6 internal on scsi adapter build in lc2000r, my OS is Win2k server, lc2000c included HPNetraid 1m. Dat drive worked properly in some backup program such as ARC serveIT, but in the Event View log always display "scsi u_3 error".How to solve this problem, Help me.
it urgent!...
Eric de Lange_2
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Re: dat 40x6


I would try the following:

Boot your server and go into the BIOS set up of the onboard SCSI controller. There reconfigure the 'transfer rate' for the SCSI id of the DAT40*6 down to 40 or 20 Megabytes per second.

You will not see a performance loss because the tape drive itself is slower than 20 MB/sec anyway.

Good Luck.