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dat24e to c3600 scsi cable?

dat24e to c3600 scsi cable?

I have a dat24e attached to a c200. The c200 68 pin plug says ultawide SE. I want to move the dat24e to a C3600.
The c3600 68 pin plug says LVD. HP docs say all I need is this adapter" C7434A Adapter - 68-pin high density (F) thumbscrew to 68-pin very high density (M) thumbscrew - Allows the use of standard 68-pin high density (M) thumbscrew SCSI cable on a 68-pin very high density (M) thumbscrew connector "

But I don't see how converting
to very high density makes it work on LVD. Will this work.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: dat24e to c3600 scsi cable?

Dale, , external connector of A4999A is VHDCI type, so you need this cable you mentioned to convert VHDCI to HD and maybe another cable to convert to low-density (which you use now with C200). If you would find VHDCI-low_density cable it would be great :o)