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dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0

Occasional Contributor

dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0


I have a problem with my dlt8000.

When backing up the dlt works properly.
Sometimes (once a week) i have to clean the dlt now. I use the dlt for more than two years.
In the beginning i don`t have to clean so frequently.

Is this a normal process or do i have a problem with my dlt?


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Gerwin Lubbers
Occasional Advisor

Re: dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0

Go to href="" and find out of this is the right solution.

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0


All tape drives eventually wear out. The
cleaning of the drive due the abrasive
nature of cleaning of the heads can
wear out a drive quicker than when a
drives actually needs to be cleaned. In
answer to your question, the drive appears
to be on its way out, so get ready to
replace it soon. If you have hardware
mainatenance there will be no problem
in getting it changed.
You are quire lucky that you have got two
years from it.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Occasional Contributor

Re: dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0

Sorry, you missunderstand me. One LED on the tapedrive shows that the drive needs a cleaningtape. We can?t ignore the lamp, because Omniback doesn`t work then.
Gerwin Lubbers
Occasional Advisor

Re: dlt 8000 + NT Server 4.0

It's possible that your cleaning cartridge is defect. Try a new one. I'v got the same problem with a DAT24. After buying a new cleaning cartridge and cleaning the DAT, the problem was fixed.