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dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library

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dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library

New L class box with 4 dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 tape library. Installed Omniback 3.5. Setup drives and slots. When initializing tapes would get error message that the device is busy. Get the same message when doing a mount. Can move tapes from slots to drives using "uma". Powered sure store unit. I now get the following message with the mount command.
mt -f /dev/rmt/5m rew
/dev/rmt/5m: No such device or address
HP had me download 2 patches(PHKL_228546,21834)
No change. Hardware support is looking at the problem. No resolution yet. System uses fibre channel, hard connections. "sctl" used for robotic arm per HP. Driver not claimed. HP says this is not a problem and the robotic arm seems to work OK. "stape" used for drives.
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Re: dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library

Hello Mark,

If I look to te problem you descirbe. We have the same problem. We use a same type of machine, fibre connection direct from the L1000 to de 6/60 library.

What I want to know, is your problem solve?

Re: dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library

we had a very similar problem. the reason was that hp (!) mixed the fc cables during setup. so the fc loop was almost endless....
another point is you need to check the firmware versions of your drives and library. maybe you need to upgrade.

have fun
Michael Tully
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Re: dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library


Have a look at these links. I cannot find all of them, but these lead to others on similar issues to yours.



Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Eric de Lange_2
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Re: dlt8000 drives and sure store e 6/60 library


The 6/60 with the 4 drives will have 2 FC bridge cards in the library. Every 'level' will have 2 drives connected and the bottom level of the library will have the library controller connected as well.

So, if one drive gives this error, try accessing the other drive connected to that same FC bridge card. If it is inaccessible as well the problem might be the FC bridge card/GBIC/FC cable at that level of the library.

I've seen this behavior before when one of the bridge cards of the library stopped responding to FC. The reason was that one of the DLT drives misbehaved on the SCSI bus. In light og this >> make sure the library is equipped with 1.33.0 library code and V59 drive code.