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external DAT 24e & c3700 HP Workstation

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external DAT 24e & c3700 HP Workstation

I have a c3700 HP Workstation running HP 11.00 with all upto date patches.
I have a storage works 2100 connected thru scsi.

I am trying to install the DAT 24e external tape drive, I have no problem installing the tape drive, but on boot it will not find an internal scsi drive!

I have from the DAT24e, 50 pin low density to 68 pin High density cable (wide) connected to the Storage works 2100 (Daisy chain).
Yes, the tape drive is terminated as being the last of the chain.

I have tried every possible change in the scsi ids, still I get the same problem, can not find one internal scsi drive.

I have started with the default scsi id of 3 for the tape drive and went from there.

The internal drive that it does not see it scsi id 11.

I am attaching output from an ioscan -f with out the tape drive.
I am at my last option of getting a different cable or at least a converter from the 68 WSE to the 68 NSE. ( The only other scsi connector on the c3700 workstation.) Is this possible, or right?
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Re: external DAT 24e & c3700 HP Workstation

Did you try connecting the tape drive separate on its own controller, not daisy chained, is it detected this way on boot?

'Yes, the tape drive is terminated as being the last of the chain.'
Is the ribbon cable terminated at the end of the chain?
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Re: external DAT 24e & c3700 HP Workstation

No I cannot connect to own separate controller, I do not have the proper cable. Need to go to NSE. Everything is terminated correctly. This is what I think I will need to do is go and get a different cable. To run on its own controller.