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ghost LTO5 drive in MSL8048

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ghost LTO5 drive in MSL8048



I have installed an MSL8048 library with 2 LTO5 drives (half height). I first put the drives in slot 1 & 2, but later I found I needed to parition the library and then I had to move the drive from slot 2 to slot 3 to be able to parition it. Since then, I see 3 drives in the web interface : drive 1 & 3 : my 2 LTO drives, drive 2 : <red cross> drive removed (see attached screensot)


This is not a big issue, but in my backup software (Backup Exec) I get the same behaviour : in the first virtual library, I can see 2 drives, one of them being "offline". 


Is there anyway to "reset" the library so that I only see the actual situation ?


Thanks in advance for any help