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how can i mak a copy of 98200A tape?

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how can i mak a copy of 98200A tape?

I have a pc (85B) and load a program on it from a cartridge tape (98200A) with the built-in tape drive of 85B. I would like to make a copy of the tape. 85B and 98200A both are so old that they are ???out of support??? in hp and I can not find any information on them. I have a blank 98200A tape. Is there any way to make a copy?if so, how???
please advice.
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Re: how can i mak a copy of 98200A tape?

You can find more information and manuals at

I can't recall exactly how to copy tapes in HP Basic, but if you only have 16K of memory and a tape that can store up to 200K, you can bet that it takes quite a few tape swaps.