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how to setup LUN scanning enabled

Occasional Contributor

how to setup LUN scanning enabled

there is HP Storageworks MSL2024 tape library installed. problem is, the autochanger is only recognized as unknown medium changer in device manager. it should be fixed by setting the LUN scanning to be enabled on SCSI controller. There is Smart array 6i installed, but but no storage managment agent is installed in it. how can i change the LUN scanning to be enabled on scsi controller?

screenshot is attached

the goal is to
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: how to setup LUN scanning enabled

LSI controllers, if I remenber well, you should select CTLR - C or CTRL-M at boot time, when the banner of lSI bios appear.
Usualy how to enter bios of the hba is written on the screen at boot time.
Then when inside the bios, look for lun support