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hp 88780

Reinhold Flecke
Occasional Advisor

hp 88780

tape drive HP 88780
cann't read input from tape drive using dd
dd command doesn't read partial blocks

>dd of=/dev/rmt/1m if=template.23080
62+1 records in
62+1 records out

>dd if=/dev/rmt/1m of=testing
dd read error: I/O error
62+0 records in
62+0 records out
no work no fun
Honored Contributor

Re: hp 88780

issue the following commands:

ll /dev/rmt/1m

ioscan -fnkC tape

It works for me (tm)
Reinhold Flecke
Occasional Advisor

Re: hp 88780

>ioscan -fnkC tape
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tape 1 0/4/0/0.5.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP 88780
/dev/rmt/1m /dev/rmt/1mn /dev/rmt/c9t5d0BEST /dev/rmt/c9t5d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/1mb /dev/rmt/1mnb /dev/rmt/c9t5d0BESTb /dev/rmt/c9t5d0BESTnb

>lssf /dev/rmt/1m
stape card instance 9 SCSI target 5 SCSI LUN 0 at&t best density available at address 0/4/0/0.5.0 /dev/rmt/1m

>mt -f /dev/rmt/1m status
Drive: HP 88780
Format: 6250 bpi
Status: [41010300] BOT online immediate-report-mode
File: 0
Block: 0

>ll /dev/rmt/1m
crw-rw-rw- 2 bin bin 205 0x095000 Aug 2 11:57 /dev/rmt/1m

I think there is a wrong driver or tape setting for reading partial blocks

no work no fun