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hp storage works tape array 960 ultrium 3 format not wkg

siva baskaran
Regular Advisor

hp storage works tape array 960 ultrium 3 format not wkg

i have attached newly tape array 960 with rp 8420 server (which has 2 N pars), here problems is i can access tap array by one n par but i can't access from another n par server

i have attached and done following

infs -e ------ in 2 n pars

and it's showing in 1 n par and wkg fine but from another n par it's showing "no such device or address " error, so here what i have to do


Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: hp storage works tape array 960 ultrium 3 format not wkg

Hi there.
The hardware will only be shown on the partition,where it is connected.
there are s4everal ways to approach a solution.

1 Connect the tape array to a switch and connect this switch to both partitions.

2 Open a nfs filesystem on the second partition, which will be accessible from the first partition, backup your stuff to it and then put it on tape from there through partition 1.

3 if you have more than one drive, you can connect one drive to the second partition, but the robot will only work from partition 1. So you must work the robot through rexec.

Hope i could show you some way.
Alexander M. Ermes

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