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media changer

media changer

i did stm and i found out that
the scsi media changer had movement it is:

Product ID: C7200
Hardware Path: 0/10/0/
Device Type: SCSI Media Changer
Device Qualifier: HPC7200
Vendor: HP
Product Revision Level: 1400
Error Log Summary:
Hard errors: 0
Movement errors: 30
Good moves since hard error: 72
Soft errors since hard error: 129
Recovery errors: 0
Run-Time errors: 0

Can anybody tell me how to resolve this?

Ross Zubritski
Trusted Contributor

Re: media changer


I would not concern myself with soft errors.


Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: media changer

Hi Ali,

Movement errors: 30

could indicate that you need to calibrate your juke box.

I think this is a L20, if so you can calibrate form your operator menu on the jukebox.

Hope it Helps,

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: media changer

This is 2/20, 4/40 or 6/60 (Galactica family). Please use HP LTT to get more details on the library and its events . As I see firmware is not a latest (as I remember latest is 1520). CHeck drives' firmware also. Run tests