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media impact

Occasional Advisor

media impact

plsa advise whether changing the block size, segment size and disk agents buffer will have any impact on the performance of the media or will backup performance improve overall. I'm O2 3.5 user and sitting on NT4.0. Clients includes UNIX/WINNT & WIN2K. Thanks.
harry d brown jr
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Re: media impact

Yazrin Mohd,

The more data you can consistently feed the tape drive, to were the tape drive is streaming the data to tape, then the faster your backups complete.

I'd boost them as high as I could to a point where it won't actually interfere with the clients ability to process the data. Another thing to be careful is to make sure you aren't going to clobber your network, causing your backups to take longer.

unfortunately there isn't any magic answer, mostly because of the so many variables, ie: network speed, other network traffic, client ability, ...

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Peter Mattei
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Re: media impact

Hello all

Have a look at the following Whitepaper: how to optimize the performance of hp ultrium tape drives
It contains very good information about backup topics, which are not only LTO related!

I love storage
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Re: media impact

therefore what should I set my block size, segment size and disk array buffers? I am using dlt8000.