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msl 4048 and mixing tapes

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Regular Advisor

msl 4048 and mixing tapes


I have ended up with:
AH172A HP MSL4048 2 Ultr 920 Drive Tape Library
C7972AN HP Ultrium 400GB Non-Custom Label 20 Pk

and I have few questions:

1. these are LTO2 tapes within LTO3 library. Can I mix LTO2 and LTO3 tapes within library using Data Protector
2. What would be proper cleaning tape label since LTO2 using dual barcode and LTO3 is using single barcode ?

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: msl 4048 and mixing tapes

Yes you can mix LTO2 and LTO3 tapes in a 920 library. The drives can read/write both generations. The LTO2 tape performance will likely be a bit lower if you are really pushing the system.

The correct cleaning tape barcode label is one that ends in CLN. It doesn't matter if it is the dual or single.
Regular Advisor

Re: msl 4048 and mixing tapes

tnx for answer ...