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msl6060 master, slave scsi cabling

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msl6060 master, slave scsi cabling


Does anyone know what the SCSI cabling should look like on the slave MSL6060
In a 2 unit configuration with the pass through mechanise?

Each MSL6060 has two Ultrium v3 drives and a NS e1200 – 160 Fibre channel adapter both attached to different fabric switches (2\16 model)
Master Library SCSI cabling is as per section 8 in this document but as it only has two drives it looks like the top half of the 10u model.

I have also configured the master NSR as per section 10 but what about the one in the slave library?

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Re: msl6060 master, slave scsi cabling

The communication link between master and slave is done via ethernet and the special network hub - NOT via SCSI or FC.

There is also NO master/slave NSR.
Just cable the second box like the first and connect the FC from the NSR to your SAN switch.

Hope this helps!

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Re: msl6060 master, slave scsi cabling

That is exactly what I have done, however at the server with LTT, I can only see the two drives in the master library if I configure both the NSR as section 10 describes in the document
If I assign the auto map to the NSR in the slave Library, I can see all four drive but get SCSI warnings on the slave library drives when I run the test option in LTT.

A small point that also that need qualifying the SCSI connector on the drives run Vertically one above the other, I am assuming that top and bottom is the same as if they ran horizontally?