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ufsdump compression not working on a DDS-4 tape

ufsdump compression not working on a DDS-4 tape

Hi all,

This message was posted on different forum. I am moving it thinking this will be an appropriate forum to ask.

I am trying to use a DDS-4 drive on solaris 8 to take a unfsdump of a file system with size 26 GB. I tried tape devices /dev/rmt/0, /dev/rmt/0c and following the above suggestion /dev/rmt/hb. In all cases I am getting end of media at about 92.3 % and prompts for a new volume. The output is given below.

DUMP: Estimated 52999670 blocks (25878.75MB).

DUMP: NEEDS ATTENTION: Is the new volume (#2) mounted on `' and ready to go?: ("yes" or "no") DUMP: The ENTIRE dump is aborted.

mt status shows this as a HP DDS-4 DAT (Sun) tape drive.

Thanks for your help and with regards,


Re: ufsdump compression not working on a DDS-4 tape

I gave the answere already frequently:
Your data must be compressable otherwise you are able to write only 20 GB on one tape. If your data consists of *.zip or *.jpg files, it can´t be compressed anymore by the the tapedrive. Try to compress the data with gzip for example and measure the resulting size. If it is still around 26 GB the data can´t be compressed.