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ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

Andrea Rossi
Frequent Advisor

ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

Hi all

I would like to use an ultrium 232 scsi model (internal) (DW064A) on a ML 350 G3. I don't find it on the compatibility matrix, maybe because the server is too old. Anyway I find out that scsi controller 268351-B21 (64-bit/133-MHz Dual Channel U320, pciX) is compatible with both the server and the device. should be ok, isn't it?
furthermore, I suppose I can connect it internally.

thanks (and points) to any who reply
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Re: ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

Look at this (I think this should be similar, even if the server is newer):

Hope this helps!

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Re: ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

You can also have a look at link: for compatibility matrix


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Andrea Rossi
Frequent Advisor

Re: ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

there's nothing for me on ebs compatibility matrix...
Eemans Dany
Honored Contributor

Re: ultrium 232 scsi compatibility


It will probably work but consider this.
As it is not in the compatibility matrix of HP, you will not get support from HP in case of problems. Normal warrenty should still apply. But errors related to software, Firmware, etc, you will not receive support from HP.


Re: ultrium 232 scsi compatibility

Yes, this scsi card should be supported with Both server and tape Drive.
Earlier 'torsten' sent a good link to confirm the same.

You can also Refer to these links: