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ultrium and omniback II

Tom De Boeser
Occasional Contributor

ultrium and omniback II


I've got a 4/40 ultrium library and omniback II. I've got it setup and working, but I just realized the tape capacity isn't right. I tried to manually set the capacity but the field to specifiy the capacity stops entries at 5 characters, which I believe only gives me 20gigs. The ultrium is a 200gig tape.

Am I wrong about the capacity? I have all the patches for omniback II 3.5 .



HPUX 11.0, k570
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: ultrium and omniback II


That capacity field is a reference field only, Omniback will keep on writing to the tape untill the End of Tape marker. After initializing, omniback sets this field by default to 20Gb, since it is not able to predict the compression.
I think whenever you have written a backup to the tape the field will be adjusted based on the compression result from the backup(s).