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unknown devices for DLT7000 and DDS?

Ed Segura
Frequent Advisor

unknown devices for DLT7000 and DDS?

Message received when hooking up Quantum DLT7000. What am I missing and could it be hooked up wrong? It is on an HVD card with diff terminator...

unknown -1 0/8/0/0.2.0 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN HP C1537A
fc 0 0/10/0/0 td UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN PCI SerialBus (1
fc 1 1/8/0/0 td UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN PCI SerialBus (1
malvin drakley
Esteemed Contributor

Re: unknown devices for DLT7000 and DDS?

Hi an unclaimed/unknown normally means that you have not got the tape drivers configured in your kernel. You will need to go into SAM and add in anything that looks like a tape driver, do a reboot aftre the new kernel is made and then it should pick up the tape device. Your message for the C1537A is the identifier for the DAT
hope this helps
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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: unknown devices for DLT7000 and DDS?

HP C1537A is a DDS3 tape drive. What you have to do is add the drivers in kernel and rebuild it. This can be done easily from SAM:
SAM -> Kernel Configuration -> Drivers. Add the one you need (stape, tape2 etc).

Also, check the SCSI termination and IDs on different devices.
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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: unknown devices for DLT7000 and DDS?

The easiest way to setup the drivers is to:

Go into SAM

go to the peripheral devices area

go to the tape drives area

in the actions menu, select "diagnose missing device"

answer the dialog boxes that appear. the first one will ask you if you want to rescan the HW. Select 'NO'

The next few will give some basic troubleshooting things. click through them with the appropriate answers.

SAM will then tell you which drivers are not installed. install all of them by answering yes.

select 'create a new kernel' and push OK

It will take a few minutes, and you will have to reboot.


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