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unracking MSL6060, how to get out of rails?

Vera Lee
Occasional Contributor

unracking MSL6060, how to get out of rails?

Hi All,

We need to unrack an MSL6060, and I'm not sure how it will come out of the rack. I've already loosened the front holding screws (that fasten it to the rack itself) - so I can slide the tape library forward on the rails.

What I don't know if how to get the tape library off the holding rail. I assume there'll be a rail stop that keeps the thing from just falling out to the front of the rails? Is there something I push to get rail to release?

The tape library is probably pretty heavy, so I can't just do this myself, I want to be prepared for when I get some help to remove it.

Can anybody tell me how to get the library actually out of the rack?

Many thanks,
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: unracking MSL6060, how to get out of rails?

Hi Vera,

If I remember correctly, you just need to keep pulling it.

It will slide easily until it hits the stops, but just needs a little bit of extra pressure to pull over these, probably keeping the buttons on the rails pressed in.

You can just about do this yourself, if you first remove the power supplies and the tape drives from the library, but it is easier with two pairs of hands.


Valued Contributor

Re: unracking MSL6060, how to get out of rails?

Hi Lee,
Please get a person along with you for the activity. I found it heavy when I mount MSL 8096 on rack
Honored Contributor