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unsafe removal when running L&TT

Terry Trinidad
Occasional Contributor

unsafe removal when running L&TT

I have an MSL5000 hooked to a Windows 2000 server. I've been having problems with the library loosing communication with the server. I downloaded HP's L&TT, and when I run it and the scan runs, I get a Windows message, "Unsafe Removal of Device". Once for Compaq SuperDLTtape SDLT 220 Drive, and once for hp StorageWorks MSL5000 Series Medium Changer. Then in Device manager, the device is obviously not there anymore, until I reboot. Any thoughts?
I did upgrade the firmware on the library.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: unsafe removal when running L&TT

strange situation, have you tried to run L&TT in ASPI mode?