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use of DLT IV tapes in a dec 2000 15/30GB drive?

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Jonathan Clifton
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use of DLT IV tapes in a dec 2000 15/30GB drive?

hi, ive got a remote site with a file server and the afore mentioned tape drive. they do a full backup of around 20 gig a night of non critical data. I want to replace the tapes they have in their 3 month cycle but have obtained a price for type III nearly the same as the type 4 tapes i use in my DLT8000 library. i have boxes of used DLTIV tapes from the unix guys here who retire tapes very early and i would love to use these at the remote site as the data is basically non-critical. does anyone know if you can put a typeIV tape in this drive and format it to the normal typeIII capacity? i still use arcserve at the remote site.
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Vincent Farrugia
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Re: use of DLT IV tapes in a dec 2000 15/30GB drive?


Follow this link:

Unfortunately, you need a typeIII tape for your 15/30 drive. You cannot use typeIV tapes.

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