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Driving success at the edge: How to break down data siloes from datacenter to cloud

What value does a tenth of a second have for a business? When it comes to heavy industrial settings, such as assembly line optimization or autonomous robotics, the need for real-time decision making can make the difference between avoiding significant production delays or shut downs for maintenance – and keeping the production line moving. Now, benefits to the production environment, such as catching rework before it happens – down to the exact instant it occurs – can be amplified by making your edge an Intelligent Edge.

4.0 Operational-Edge_blog2.pngThe digitalization of industry is not a new concept, yet it is reaching a tipping point. By moving technology solutions to harsh conditions, including IIoT devices such as sensors, closer to the source of data creation or the edge, businesses can address costs and security while bridging to legacy systems in ways never possible before. The methodology is called the Industry 4.0 Operational Edge, and it allows enterprises to acquire, analyze, and act on machine data to deliver results in real time, with mission critical reliability, and at scale. It’s a ground-breaking approach to edge computing, but successful implementations means bringing IT and OT teams to the table at the outset of project planning. 

The good news is that edge computing solutions can create synchronicities for the IT/OT organizations to enable better results – from the edge to the cloud.

Asset ID 8224 small format.jpgI invite you to join Craig Dillman, HPE Edge Compute Category Manager and Rich Karpinski, Research Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, in a new webcast that explores the potential of the 4.0 Operational Edge.

"Industry 4.0 represents the convergence of manufacturing and industrial processes with digitally transformed enterprise, powered by information technology (IT). The promise is that established industrial enterprises can identify greater efficiency, new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage. To reach the full potential of industrial transformation, enterprises must embrace the power of an Industry 4.0 Operational Edge."

The Realize the Power of a 4.0 Operational Edge webcast explores:

  • The drivers of industrial digitalization, and the challenges of scaling POCs into production
  • Latency, bandwidth, security and analytics, and how each impacts performance at the edge 
  • How your data pipeline can be intelligently managed and scaled.

Click here to watch the session!  

 For more information on the 4.0 Operational Edge, please check out:

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Meet HPE blogger Jenna Wernham! Jenna is the Marketing Manager for Industry and Workload Marketing in the Americas, and is focused on creating market insight content by leveraging primary customer research for key industries and workloads. Her career spans over 10 years at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she has focused on what digital transformation means to various customer audiences.

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