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HPE announces two important webinars on intelligent assurance

Register today for 2 live webinars: AI for Telco Operations March 16 and Intelligent Assurance for 5G Networks March 23, 2021

Intelligent AssuranceIntelligent Assurance

With over 120 deployments in production all over the world, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a recognized leader in service assurance for the telecommunication industry. HPE is announcing two new webinars on intelligent assurance, focusing on the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML).

According to most industry experts, around two thirds of telecommunication companies expect to deploy some elements of AI and ML in the next 12 months to enhance optimization, reduce operational expenses, make automation more intelligent, and improve customer experience.

As an example, the World Economic Forum predicts AI-based network automation could increase the mobile industry’s operating profit by USD 9 billion through reduced outages, delivering USD 27 billion in total cost savings over a decade.

HPE is on the forefront of this evolution with the HPE Intelligent Assurance suite. HPE has been a leader in the market since 2018, and this webinar will cover some historical perspectives as well as new features of the product.

Adoption of artificial intelligence for telecom network operations – March 16, 2021

The first webinar, ADOPTION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR TELECOM NETWORK OPERATIONS will take place on March 16th.  It will cover the main advantages of AI-ML in operations, showing some practical examples of how these technologies can help organizations change from a reactive to a predictive approach in modern telecommunications.

HPE experts will show how intelligent assurance can transform vast amounts of network data into actionable insights. By using state-of-the-art big data and artificial intelligence technologies, this product suite helps pave the way towards zero-touch operations and self-driven networks.

The webinar will also include various examples for the following scenarios: fault archival and statistics, pattern discovery and operationalization, analytics on metrics for QoS and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent assurance for 5G networks – March 23, 2021

The second webinar, INTELLIGENT ASSURANCE FOR 5G NETWORKS, live on March 23rd, will focus on how AI- and ML-powered assurance systems will be able to tackle the growing complexity of 5G networks.

In scenarios like 5G, where the number of metrics generated by all network functions is huge, a new approach in terms of operations is required. Control-loop should be fully automated and based on the application of analytics and intelligence to digest the massive time-series and react just on-time. This capability avoids under-utilization and/or waste of resources in case the reaction is “too soon” or to avoid SLO violations or poor customer experience if reaction is “too late.”

This webinar will show how HPE Intelligent Assurance helps address the need for advanced control-loops required in 5G--in combination with other OSS functions (topology correlation, resource orchestration, service orchestration, etc.)

Please join us by registering at the following links:

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