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Helping Manufacturers turn challenge into opportunity with Industrial IoT at HPE Discover 2020

Learn how edge compute and hybrid cloud technology work together in manufacturing environments, to create a seamless digital foundation that can handle the most robust analytic requirements of industrial-strength data.

DVE Blog Title IoT 400x267 - v1.jpgImproving operations for greater efficiency and productivity helps manufacturing and industrial companies maintain a competitive advantage. Industry 4.0 and digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the industrial IoT (IIoT) and predictive analytics enable the convergence of plant floor operations technologies (OT) and IT. This convergence has spawned a host of use cases to improve quality, reduce waste, make better business decisions and ignite innovation. What’s more, these same capabilities could also help assure business continuity if another global pandemic or similar crisis forces them to send workers home once again.

At HPE Discover Virtual Experience, starting June 23, HPE will showcase how manufacturing and industrial organizations can achieve results from digital transformation, helping them become more adaptive and resilient to extreme market dynamics.

Learn how edge compute and hybrid cloud technology work together to create a seamless digital foundation that can handle the most robust analytics requirements of industrial strength data. See the list below of on-demand sessions and virtual demonstrations, and mark your calendars for the June 23 kick-off, and get started now by registering here.

Featured sessions

F315 – IT Strategies for a Smart Factory

Industrial IoT data at the edge holds the key to making factories smarter, faster and more cost-effective. Scaling from a POC to full production remains a challenge for even the most willing manufacturers. Creating a smart factory requires merging operational technologies (OT) with information technologies (IT). Edge computing, where these worlds meet, helps manufacturers effectively deploy and scale IoT solutions. Learn how HPE and PTC IoT edge-to-cloud solutions are helping companies drive digital transformation across the enterprise.

F487 – Delivering Sustainable Innovation That Accelerates Your Business

The key to progress, particularly in times of economic and societal crisis, is sustainable innovation. Faced with mounting pressure from stakeholders, enterprises are seeking to optimize and reduce the footprint of IT infrastructure, mitigate supply chain risk and maximize the value of sustainability. Find out how HPE can help accelerate your digital transformation with sustainability in mind, so you can overcome the resource limitations holding you back while driving innovation, increasing time-to-value and advancing your corporate purpose.


Business Talks (15 minutes)

B385 – Automated to Autonomous: Use Industry 4.0 to Create Adaptive Assembly Lines

Industry 4.0 will shape a digital industrial future where everything computes, equipping machines with intelligence to collaborate, allowing plants to flexibly adapt to changing demands and enabling global supply chains to instantaneously react to incidents. Pairing Industrial IoT with AI analytics holds new promise to improve operational efficiencies, increase quality and yields and create more resilient networks. As manufacturers reimagine a new normal post-COVD-19, learn how digital strategies enable a shift to more autonomous operations.

B453 – Creating Smarter Operations With HPE

As operational technologies converge with IT, new use cases are made possible to drive efficient operations, reduce downtime and improve worker productivity. Learn how a repeatable set of IoT use case accelerators such as condition monitoring have produced rapid results for our customers. We will highlight how HPE is working with our partners and customers across a number of different industrial use cases.

B169 – Hewlett Packard Labs Driving the Future of the Intelligent Edge and IoT

Hear about two exciting dynamics that are at play in the Intelligent Edge and IoT markets: the convergence of IT and OT, and Edge as a Service. HPE’s Dr. Tom Bradicich shares how he and his teams are pioneering another wave of innovation by cloud managing enterprise-class compute, storage and OT systems, residing at edges all over the globe. This includes how remote secure deployments of MLOps and AI applications can accelerate insights and action from edge and IoT data.

B311 – Securing the Edge: Comprehensive Visibility and Control in the Age of IoT

As the breadth and complexity of connected devices explodes at a staggering rate, enterprises are struggling to address the expanding attack surface. This shift is fundamentally changing how we think about access and trust. This session explores how to neutralize threats at the edge using a Zero Trust approach that dynamically adjusts role-based access for endpoints on the network. Learn how to embrace Zero Trust to eliminate blind spots, gain control of your business at the edge and reduce your overall levels of risk and complexity.


Virtual LIVE demos

D222 – Improve Visibility into Operations and Equipment Performance With IIoT

As manufacturers struggle to make the best of their industrial operations data, advancements in edge compute, connectivity and security and lower sensor costs are making asset digitization a reality, allowing companies to collect and analyze assets' data to enable real-time decisions. See how HPE is teaming with IoT partners to offer a condition monitoring solution that provides a starting point in the IIoT journey that will increase asset utilization and uncover operational efficiencies across singular or multiple locations.

D508 – IoT-Based Solutions and Services

Find out how HPE can help you deliver IoT-based solutions in a faster and scalable way. Explore how HPE is helping organizations to bring employees back to work safely in these challenging times. Understand how HPE has helped smart cities create value for citizens and municipalities. We will discuss end-to-end requirements for these multi-vendor solutions.

D194 – Hewlett Packard Labs Driving the Future of the Intelligent Edge and IoT

Two exciting dynamics are at play in the Intelligent Edge and IoT markets: the convergence of IT and OT, and Edge-as-a-Service. Get a first look at Hewlett Packard Labs’ pioneering work for the third wave of HPE innovation for the edge and IoT. See firsthand how enterprise class compute, storage and OT systems, residing at edges all over the globe, can be cloud managed. This includes how remote secure deployments of MLOps and AI applications can accelerate insights and action from edge and IoT data.

D516 - Data Exchange Platform as a Service: Marketplace for Mobility Data

HPE Pointnext Services will showcase, in partnership with Continental, a platform for the sharing and monetization of vehicle sensor data based on Blockchain technology. It provides an innovative and secure procedure for vehicle sensor data sharing and payment, based on “smart contracts.” Enabled by such a marketplace, car manufacturers can provide more accurate in-car services, better driver assistance or any other mobility service.

D247 – Build a Digital Transformation Strategy With HPE Pointnext Services

Can you communicate the difference between IT optimization and digital transformation? How do you balance the competing priorities that the digital era presents, navigating what is truly transformational for real business value versus a critical project for IT efficiency? Engage with advisors from HPE Pointnext Services in an interactive digital journey experience and walk away with a personalized strategy that accelerates your path to digital transformation success.

D612 – Condition Monitoring: Real-Time Visibility into Operations Using IoT and AR

Effective maintenance and service of equipment is critical for keeping the costs of ownership low. Howden’s equipment runs as process critical in the wastewater industry and if it goes offline, it can be costly and dangerous. Howden employs scalable mixed reality solutions from PTC to provide value-added services that increase competitive differentiation and enhance their customers' overall experience of owning Howden equipment.


Interested in other sessions? We invite you to explore the full line-up of sessions on our content catalog and build your own agenda. Be sure to check back often, as we add new sessions and demos daily.

As a reminder, registration for HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 is FREE – and with your registration, HPE will donate $10 to your choice of one of 10 featured causes, so join us and give back to organizations helping people, businesses and communities around the world recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about these organizations and the great work they are doing to support COVID-19 recovery around the world. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Starting June 23rd, please log in to the HPE Discover Virtual Experience and search by Session ID (listed above) or by area of interest to view a session.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at HPE Discover 2020!


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