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Re: IoT in The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us — Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Guest post from Quentin Jones, Incubation Director, Accenture

A recent report from Plutoshift on the number of manual processes that are still commonplace in the manufacturing sector found that 48% of respondents still collect data manually, and 23% didn’t know whether their manufacturing processes were even outfitted with IoT. IoT devices that feed AI systems should be easy to understand, and the benefits need to be communicated effectively so that employees choose to abandon time-intensive manual processes in favor of automated feedback loop from data collection thru analysis. If AI and IoT are not made understandable for everyone involved, then new technologies simply won't be embraced by the people they most affect, and the hype around these technologies will rise and fall without consequence.

As the world rapidly advances toward a post-digital era, future-minded businesses are looking to the DARQ side to differentiate themselves above the rest. Businesses need to master a new set of technologies D- Distributed Ledger Technology, A- Artificial Intelligence, R- Extended Reality, Q- Quantum Computing. Individually, these technologies represent new opportunities for differentiation. Together, they will open unimagined new pathways to the future.

As illustrated in the Accenture TechVision 2019, when DARQ technologies reach maturity, they will spark a step change, offering businesses major opportunities. This has happened before. During the digital revolution, social, mobile, analytics, and cloud combined to enable a step change in business.

According to this year’s report, “The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us — Are You Ready for What’s Next?” the enterprise is at a turning point. Digital technologies enable companies to understand their customers with a new depth of granularity; give them more channels with which to reach those consumers; and enable them to expand ecosystems with new potential partners. But digital is no longer a differentiating advantage — it’s now the price of admission.

Some DARQ technologies may seem more impactful today but exploring all four will be crucial to take advantage of combinatorial effects. To get started, businesses can use their previous digital investments as a springboard for early forays into DARQ. In a recent survey, executives were asked to rank technologies in terms of which will have the greatest impact on their organization over the next three years, 41 percent of executives ranked AI number one.

There is a clear intersection between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). IoT is about connecting machines and making use of the data generated from those machines.

As IoT devices will generate vast amounts of data, then AI will be functionally necessary to deal with these huge volumes if we’re to have any chance of making sense of the data.

IoT data combined with AI provides a deeper level of insights. By collecting real-time data from IoT sensors a business can use an AI engine to automate the information processing and connect different sources of potentially dark data to contextualize what is needed to make future decisions. From this understanding, the machine can also provide a personalized response or experience directly to the end user or directly route the result back into the enterprise to automate and optimize the process.

Data is only useful if it creates an action. To make data actionable, it needs to be supplemented with context and creativity. IoT and AI together resulting in ‘connected intelligence’ and not just connected devices.

Machine Learning as is beneficial for both real-time and post event processing:

  • Post event processing – identifying patterns in data sets and running predictive analytics, e.g. the correlation between current process conditions and historic failures.
  • Real-time processing – responding quickly to conditions and building up knowledge of decisions about those events, e.g. video analytics

The Accenture HPE alliance is unlocking the value of automation, analytics and AI to transform industries across the globe, and reinventing the future of business

Be ready to harness the full power of DARQ technologies in the post-digital future—it’s closer than you think.

To hear more on this subject, catch Quentin's presentation at #HPEDiscover Wednesday, 12pm in Theater 4

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