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Large communications service provider “VERY SATISFIED” with HPE telco cloud infrastructure

--Results of a recent survey show a telecommunications services company achieves excellent results using HPE infrastructure, services, and support--


Telecommunications companies are transforming their networks and operations to take advantage of 5G and edge-to-cloud technologies. They are working with HPE and our partners to become more agile, competitive, and 5G-ready with pre-integrated, open, multi-vendor solutions.

These HPE hybrid IT solutions typically include telco core and open RAN technologies that can help telecommunications companies unlock the full value of 5G. HPE telco automation and infrastructure solutions also help customers monetize new services and accelerate time to value.

I recently read a report from a large communications service provider (CSP) that detailed their experience using HPE hybrid IT solutions. The report was based on a survey by TechValidate, a third-party research firm. And while the CSP requested to have their name withheld to ensure confidentiality, they offered several key insights. Below are highlights of their story.


The business challenges that led the profiled CSP to evaluate and ultimately select an HPE telco infrastructure solution were the same ones that most of our customers face today. Their main drivers for replacing and upgrading their existing infrastructure with HPE telco solutions included the following:

  • Architectural flexibility
  • Performance and reliability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Support services

This large CSP deployed HPE infrastructure solutions across three domains: operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS), network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVI), and multi-access edge computing (MEC).

HPE infrastructure: Very valuable

According to their survey results, this CSP rated HPE infrastructure very highly compared to similar solutions in the market across the following key areas:

  • performance: very valuable
  • reliability: very valuable
  • affordability: very valuable
  • security: very valuable
  • support: very valuable

The survey also asked about the effectiveness of HPE in reducing infrastructure operational risks. In this context, HPE also received stellar results in the following categories:

  • proactive issue identification and prevention: very effective
  • flexible support options: very effective
  • management tools and automation: very effective
  • focused project delivery: very effective
  • access to HPE experts: very effective

Results: Very satisfied!  

In summary, this telco customer was very satisfied with HPE infrastructure, services, and support. Since deploying HPE solutions, they’ve improved infrastructure utilization by greater than 75 percent and realized the following business benefits:

  • reduction in downtime: 51% to 75%
  • reduction in time to resolve issues: 51% to 75%
  • reduction in time to market: 51% to 75%
  • reduction in operational costs: 51% to 75%
  • reduction in infrastructure complexity: 51% to 75%

If you are an HPE customer in the telecommunications industry, we would love to hear from you too! Please go to TechValidate and fill out this short survey.

About the author:

Jim McLaughlin, HPE Telco Marketing Jim McLaughlin photo.jpg

As a marketing leader for HPE’s telco industry product portfolio, Jim focuses on driving go-to-market strategy for 5G cloud platforms, multi-access edge computing, and open virtualized RAN solutions.




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