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(Blog 2 of 2) Blazing the trail for IT: The journey to become a broker of services



by Scott Ramsay, Director of Datacenter Care Services for Primary Service Provider


In part 1 of my series on Flexible Capacity Services (FCS), I discussed the challenge of managing  shadow IT. Today, many of our CIO and IT manager clients are faced with the administrative hassle and cost issues created when the business groups they support start looking to external suppliers for IT services. 


Many industry analysts – and my own personal view – think that the best way to foster a partnership between IT and business teams is for the Information Technology (IT) team to evolve to become Business Technologists (BT) and brokers of IT services.  This approach positions BT to become a much more valuable partner to the businesses they support, and puts the new BT organization squarely in the driver’s seat.  


The HP FCS-Enabled Environment brings the lines of business the flexibility and speed of deployment that they need, while providing an all-inclusive IT environment that includes:


  • Workload Management – to help balance business demand and IT capacity.

  • Elasticity Management – to achieve greater business responsiveness, while optimizing the use of resources.

  • Speed of Deployment – to support business agility and competitiveness.

  • Security – to ensure the safety and performance of the IT environment and associated data.

  • Risk Mitigation & Compliance – to avoid nasty surprises and setbacks, while satisfying regulatory demands.

  • Cost Control – to contribute to the bottom line.


    Jean-Pierre Garbani of Forrester describes the tools and capabilities that are needed to operate as a broker of services: “Fundamental tools to monitor quality of service, understand workloads and capacity, manage billing, and provide the app store and service catalog are the tools of the new I&O trade.” HP offers a total solution to customer challenges via hybrid environments. We will help you keep your IT up and running, while we manage capacity; you will only be billed for the services you use.


    We view the Broker of Services model operating as depicted below:




  • The line of business will approach the Business Technology team with a need for IT solution or service.

  • The BT team will consult with and advise the line of business regarding the best course of action.

  • That action plan   may include internal/external consulting to further scope and craft the application and determine deployment options (tradition, private/public cloud), costs, timing etc. 

The HP Flexible Capacity Service, or HP FCS Multivendor services, provide BT teams with the ability to offer the benefits of a public cloud experience with the security of a private datacenter.  By partnering with HP to offer FCS services to your line of business teams, you will be able to deliver the speed and agility they require.   Additionally the pay-per-use model frees up cash that can be utilized to address other business priorities.  From a BT perspective, the HP FCS service solution will drive lower risk and faster deployment because it leverages proven in-house resources. HP has also extended the FCS offering to include hardware from leading vendors other than HP to maximize your options.


With the HP FCS pay-as-you-go solution, the line of business can scale services instantly to handle growth needs, without the usual wait for the procurement process, and without tying up capital.   In addition to flexibility, the solution reduces complexity by providing a single point of accountability.  This is due the fact that HP FCS is a component of HP Datacenter Care support service, so all FCS solutions provide enterprise-grade support for your total IT environment.


Contact your HP sales professional or visit our websiteto learn more about how HP FCS can help put you in the driver’s seat as a broker of services.


Check out Part 1 @ Out of the shadows and back into the IT fold (Part 1 of 2)


About Scott Ramsay ...

Scott works on strategic services initiatives for HP. In his most recent role he is focusing on the needs of heterogeneous IT environments. He’s an associate of the Institute of Management Accountants so he  fully understands the importance of a CIO’s need to deliver business results -- with great ROI.






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