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Choose an x86 server partner that has a demonstrated commitment to x86 solutions


By Scott Ramsay, Director of HP Datacenter Care Services for Primary Service Provider



Given recent, significant changes in the industry, you might well be asking yourself “What now?  I was counting on IBM x86 servers to be a stable backbone for my enterprise IT solutions/applications.”  Rest assured, you are not alone in betting your business on x86 technology and its associated support for business critical applications.  And realistically speaking – If you are committed, shouldn’t your x86 server provider be just as committed – if not more so?


At the very least, if you are counting on IBM x86 for your enterprise, managing your IT environment  is likely to get more complicated.  We all know that enterprise x86 solutions require not only servers, but also additional hardware components, software, support and consulting.  With the IBM/Lenovo x86 announcement, an IBM x86 solution is now, by definition, multivendor.  Lenovo will now be the hardware OEM and will also sell services, but IBM will deliver the services.  Not only is this more complex for you, you should also consider Lenovo’s limited experience with enterprise solutions. How can they sell you what you really need if they don’t understand the full scope of your requirements? It is not surprising then, that the most common  concerns expressed by the IBM/Lenovo x86 customers that HP has spoken with, are the stability of support, and Lenovo’s lack of enterprise experience. 


Frankly speaking, sticking it out with IBM and Lenovo might take more effort than you want to expend. If you are seeking to reduce complexity and to stabilize your IT environment, HP recommends that you move to a single point of accountability model for support. We call this Datacenter Care Primary Service Provider, or DC PSP.  


HP has over 25 years of experience delivering multivendor support in thousands of customer environments where software, hardware and servers from multiple providers may all be in play.  DC PSP provides you with a single point of accountability in these types of environments, through an assigned account team who will understand all of these diverse elements of your datacenter.  This team will work with you to help you reduce and manage costs and risk by reducing complexity.  They will even tackle and help you resolve interoperability issues, and they will do it all without vendor finger pointing. 


IDC refers to this type of support as the Lead Service Provider* approach.  Rob Brothers of IDC states this well, “In these new complex environments, customers are looking toward one vendor to support the environment. This offers multiple benefits to the customers: helps prevent finger-pointing between vendors, SPOC, no need for multiple phone numbers or worrying about who supports what, and possibly lowering the customer’s total cost for service.”


Enterprise x86 users require an x86 partner who owns the end-to-end value chain and who is committed to the development, deployment, operation and evolution of enterprise solutions. Choose an x86 Server partner that has a demonstrated commitment to x86 solutions.


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*Source:  Rob Brothers, IDC, WW U.S. Hardware Support & Deployment Services 2013-2017 Forecast, June 2013



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