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Cloud computing—How to get faster results


By Gerry Nolan, HP Expert and worldwide lead for the HP Cloud Support Services portfolio


30001_2.jpgA few years ago I was inspired by a good friend to participate in a triathlon—an event that combines running, swimming and cycling. I figured I could manage my own training with all the information freely available on the topic. But in the middle of my training two things happened: I realized it required much more effort and focus than I expected, and I sustained an injury that set me back multiple weeks. Time was now short. Realizing I would not succeed on my own within the compressed timeframe, I engaged a personal trainer. He assessed my condition, quizzed me on my desired state goals, and then worked with me to develop a personalized plan to get me what we mutually agreed would be a successful outcome. Then he monitored my progress and made adjustments as necessary. In the end I was surprised at the progress and faster results. And I invested less effort than I would have training on my own, as I could focus on executing the plan.


It was yet another reminder that hiring an expert to help with a new endeavor can produce a better outcome with less risk. The way I think about it, I’m not only buying expertise, I’m tapping into the experiences of hundreds of other clients with goals like mine. That’s what I’ve been suggesting to CIOs I have talked to about cloud computing lately.


We’re at the stage of cloud computing where most organizations see the benefits and understand the technology. Many are ready to begin or have deployed pilot projects. But… Cloud computing is still a new experience for most organizations. And, like my triathlon training, even when you think you know what to do, you can be sidelined by unexpected changes often out of your control.


We’ve been working hard to share with our customers the expertise and experience we’ve gained doing thousands of cloud deployments. We’ve rolled out a set of services called HP Cloud Professional Services.


We take a lifecycle approach to cloud computing and shape our services around three pillars:


  • Advise—Help assess your current state, define cloud goals and create a roadmap and action plan to achieve them.

  • Transform—Make cloud happen from applications to infrastructure. Design and implement the right cloud solution to meet the business need.

  • Manage—Operate cloud effectively and efficiently once it’s implemented and ensure people are trained, processes are best in class and technology is performing at optimal levels with end-to-end environment-wide support.

One thing I learned from my fitness trainer is that everyone starts the process at a different place and wants to achieve different results. And they have different resources and experiences to apply along the way. A one-size program does not fit everyone, and a one-size cloud computing plan does not fit all organizations. So we start each engagement by understanding where you are, where you want to get to, and what resources and assets you already have. Then we design and help you execute a plan to achieve your goals in the fastest possible time. And since we have a world-leading range of HP cloud capabilities to leverage—private, public, managed and hybrid—we craft a solution based on your needs, not force a model on you based on a limited portfolio, à la vendors who have a narrow range of capabilities.


I won’t tell you where I finished in my triathlon, but I did finish and working with the trainer helped me shave an hour off my  time, so I was happy with that outcome even though I had difficulty walking for the next week.


To find out more about our HP Cloud Support Services, please visit our website @


gerry_nolan_badge_176x304_tcm245_1442980_tcm245_1422290_32_tcm245-1442980.jpgGerry Nolan is worldwide lead for the HP Cloud Support Services portfolio in HP Technology Services. He develops new services like HP Converged Cloud Professional Services, improves tools and training and works with HP delivery teams to ensure flawless execution and optimal business outcomes for our customers.  Gerry has worked in information technology for more than 28 years. His other roles in HP included leadership for HP Hyperscale Support Services and the HP Mission Critical Services businesses. He moved from the UK to California in 1998.


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