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HP ConvergedSystem—a new lifecycle management experience


Gerry.jpgby Gerry Nolan, Worldwide lead for the HP Helion Support Services portfolio


Gerry Nolan is worldwide lead for the HP Helion Support Services portfolio in HP Technology Services. He develops new services and works with HP value chain teams to ensure flawless execution and optimal business outcomes for our customers.  Gerry has worked in information technology for more than 28 years.



Recently I read you can assemble your own car from a kit. You start off with a standard chassis, integrate the suspension, engine, and transmission you want, cover it with a fiberglass body designed to imitate, say, a Lamborghini, and spend the better part of a year welding, bolting, wiring, and painting. That’s the way IT used to, and in some cases still does, buy IT systems. For example if you needed a system for Big Data or cloud computing, IT specialists would select a core compute system, integrate storage and networking, install the OS, hypervisor, and other software, tune it for the planned workload, and test it to be sure the system would perform as expected in production. That takes time and effort and brings challenges and risk.


When I bought my wife a new Ford recently, it was a completely different experience than building my own car would have been. I went to a dealer I trusted, selected a vehicle and package Ford had already configured and assembled to meet my specific needs, and drove it home ready for my family to use. One of the things I like most about buying a new car is the support and value-add services that come with it. The dealer offered a variety of additional services from financing to service plans and even driving sessions (although my wife didn’t appreciate that option when I suggested it). There’s coverage for three years or 35,000 miles, so if I have a problem, I can just take it in. Trained and certified experts (who have access to the engineers who designed and built the car) will tune it and check it over for optimal performance. The support gives me confidence and peace of mind in my investment, so I can focus on the reasons I bought it in the first place.


HP ConvergedSystem is doing for IT what the auto manufacturers did for auto consumers. HP converged systems are pre-integrated, pre-tested, end-to-end systems designed and optimized for specific workloads like virtualization, cloud, or Big Data. And like buying my Ford, the service and support included with HP ConvergedSystem is one of the best parts of the experience—I know someone is with me throughout the entire life of the system.


Support for HP ConvergedSystem starts even before we ship the system to you. We pre-integrate and test the system in our factory. We send technical experts on site to install and integrate it into your environment. We then provide ongoing lifecycle management through HP Proactive Care where we periodically scan the entire system and alert you and our support team to issues like unpatched software and out-of-date firmware. That helps spot problems before they cause downtime that can disrupt your business. And if you experience a problem or need help, you can call us 24 x 7, and your call goes right into our expert center to a tech specializing in HP ConvergedSystem. (You don’t even have to bring it in!) At the end of the system lifecycle, we’ll help you move to the latest platform.


Buying, deploying, and operating an HP ConvergedSystem is a different experience compared to building it yourself from piece-part components. It shortens acquisition and deployment time from months to days, and it puts IT specialists back to work solving the next business problem rather than firefighting operational issues. And like having a new car, you know someone is committed to keeping it running smoothly and solving problems quickly when they occur.



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