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HP Flexible Capacity—put business agility ahead of capital outlays


14629578_m.jpgby   Ken Rief, Technology Services leader for flexible computing


The big question businesses face in cloud computing is: public or private? The big question we asked ourselves was: how do we give our customers all the advantages of public cloud services while letting them retain the control and security of a private cloud?


Public clouds give you instant capacity. You only pay for what you use, and if your needs decline, you can reduce capacity and expense. You don’t have to own anything—it’s usually an OPEX. Someone else—the service provider—acquires, provisions, and manages the actual infrastructure. But, because the service is provided by an external provider, you lose control. Security is in someone else’s hands, and you may not be able to demonstrate the compliance you need. Private clouds put the infrastructure in your datacenter, so you know where your data is. But you have to acquire, deploy, and manage. And you have to foresee your needs and provision ahead of demand, or you’re right back where you were before cloud computing.


The answer we came up with to span those worlds is HP Flexible Capacity. Flexible Capacity (FC) is available as part of HP Datacenter Care—our support service that treats your datacenter like the critical corporate asset it is rather than just a collection of devices.


With FC, we acquire the hardware and software you need—ahead of demand—but we provision and manage it in your datacenter rather than ours. Like a public cloud, we meter your usage and bill you each month only for what you actually use. You can scale up and down instantly. Like external services, the cost is an OPEX, so it conserves your capital for the initiatives your business needs to beat the competition.


HP Flexible Capacity is a new way to consume IT, and as more businesses discover the advantages, it’s really catching on. We have expanded the program several times since we introduced it. First, we increased the scope to include HP software in addition to hardware and system software. Now we are expanding it to include multi-vendor systems. If your datacenter is full of Dell or IBM servers, for example, we’ll take them off your hands, but leave them right on your floor and deliver them back to you a sip at a time. And you only pay for what you sip.


There are other features to HP Datacenter Care designed to simplify and personalize support and make it more proactive. It gives you one number to call and one throat to choke for everything in your datacenter. And there’s enhanced call handling, so when you do call, you get fast access to the right experts. Combine that with the instant capacity, managed services, and ability to match expenditures to usage of Flexible Capacity, and you can see why a lot of our customers are rethinking the way they consume IT. It puts business agility ahead of capital outlays and infrastructure management.


My colleague Dave Shore and I will be providing more details on HP Flexible Capacity at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas in June. It’s session BB3750 (Wednesday 12:00 to 1:00). If you have your own questions, come on by to learn more.










Ken Rief has been with HP for 15 years. He is an Americas EG Technology Services leader who’s team is responsible for several HP offerings designed to help our customers run their IT environments more effectively while reducing the risk to their operations.

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Interesting read. Really helpful 

Good job...amazing blog... it helps a lot....thanks! =)

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