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by Jacob DuQuette, WW Channel Content & Collaboration Manager


It has been just over a week since HP released a new and improved support offering; what we’re calling the new HP Foundation Care portfolio. For those who are unfamiliar with the offering, it’s our complete reactive hardware and software support offering. Think of it as our version of the Ford Fusion. It’s sleek, some might even call it sexy, everyone has one, and it got itself a nice overhaul this past year. Are there faster, bigger, tougher vehicles in the Ford lineup? Yep – who wouldn’t want a supercharged Mustang GT or even an F-350 Super Duty?


So think of the new Foundation Care like the Ford Fusion. Its reliable, budget friendly, gets the job done, and just went through a considerable redesign, making it more relevant to the market today. Of course there are more exciting offerings like HP Proactive Care and HP Datacenter Care that deserve a test drive to fully understand the benefits.


The new HP Foundation Care recently went from a whopping 15 service levels down to a much more manageable 5, and also includes collaborative software support as a standard deliverable on x86 servers. Previously, a customer could get anywhere from a 2 Hour Call To Repair service level to a Next Business Day parts only service level. So as a Partner, when you sold a hardware device and then opened up your 5 pound binder to review all of the different options available to your client, their heads would spin as you started a series of questions. Why was it so difficult? Partly because the simplification had never been done at this level, and also because our systems are smarter now.  Gone are the days where you spend two hours trying to show the value between lots of choices of hardware support, software support or combination offers. Now, it’s a simple conversation about coverage window and response time. [Note: This is where you jump up and say hallelujah!] It’s easy for our Partners to sell, and even more importantly, it’s easier for you, our customer, to buy. That’s how the New Style of IT should be, right? If you needed more proof that Meg is listening to and values our Partners, look no further: this simplified portfolio offering is in response to our Partners’ feedback that we were out of sync with the industry, and making it too difficult to do business.


Ultimately, a simplified reactive support portfolio means that the customer can make a better decision on what’s best for their business, rather than just saying “You know Frank, just give me the cheapest support and let’s call it a day.” That means a better support experience for the customer and higher margins for you as the Partner. It’s a win-win.


I’d like to leave you with one last thought.


As we pulled the initial data after the first week of this portfolio being in effect, I was pleasantly surprised to see that our HP Partners were the first to sell the new HP Foundation Care portfolio. There is a roughly 90 day period where the new HP Foundation Care SKUs are available alongside the legacy SKUs, to give our partners time to make changes to their configurators while they get themselves up to speed. Partners never cease to amaze us. You’re resilient in the face of change, lightning-quick to the market, and are the true definition of what it means to be a “partner”.


HP relies on the success of our Channel, and there’s no doubt that you always come through for our shared customers.


Please visit our website for more information on HP Datacenter Care ,  HP Proactive Care Services, and

HP Foundation Care Services .


DuQuette Profile Picture.jpgBorn into the tech world from the University of the Pacific, Jacob DuQuette is part of the WW Channel Sales Enablement team responsible for global channel enablement, collaboration, and communications. Jacob has been with HP for 5 years, having started out selling service solutions into HP's largest accounts on the West Coast. He then spent some time in escalation and quality management before settling into helping HP’s ServiceOne Partners flourish and thrive.






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I have HP ProLiant ML110 G7 Server with 5 X 500GB SATA 7.2K SFF Hard Disk.


How do I install UBUNTU or FEDORA to this server.


Hello raveem,


Please follow the link below where you´re going to find information related to the HP ProLiant ML100 G7 server:



We hope this helps.




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