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HP Proactive Select services—for those tasks you don’t do every week


John Flowers headshot.pngby John Flowers, Worldwide Channel Marketing Manager, HP Technology Services


Part of my everyday life is deciding what I’m going to do myself and what I’m going to hire someone else to do. Do I rent a carpet cleaner and shampoo the carpets myself, or do I hire a service that specializes in it? Do I wash the car in my driveway, or do I take it to the Classic Car Wash down the street? I can save a little money doing it myself. But if I hire it done, I can spend the time with my family. And the service providers have special tools and a lot of experience, so they usually do a better job.


I was thinking about this because of the problems many of our customers have with firmware updates. Usually, you first hear about a needed update when you place a service call for a problem with a server, storage, or network device, and the tech at the support center points out that the firmware is out of date and you need to update it before meaningful troubleshooting can be done. In fact, we find this is an issue in a significant number of support center calls.


If the device is under warranty or you have a service contract for it with HP, you are entitled to firmware updates. But it’s not something you do every week, so you have to figure out which ones you need, download them, download the latest version of the installation utility, and perform the installation. Since you don’t use the tool very often, it usually takes a little learning, and there’s always this little heart-in-throat moment when you hit return to start the process and wonder if it will work successfully. Unless you have a roomful of gurus just looking for something to do, it’s the kind of task it might be best to hire out to someone who does it all the time.

Fortunately, you can do that—and a number of other things, too—through HP Proactive Select services. Think of Proactive Select as a menu of services you can hire HP experts to do when you need them. Most of them, like firmware updates, are things you need from time to time but not so often that it makes sense for you to develop and maintain the expertise and tools in house. For example, you can get an HP expert to install a new system when it arrives, perform a security assessment, set up virtualization, do a system health check, investigate performance problems, or perform a data migration. There are actually more than 100 different services you can select from the Proactive Select menu.


Maybe the best thing about HP Proactive Select services is that you can budget for and purchase them one time, and then use them as you need them. You purchase credits representing the amount of services you expect to use during, say, the year. Each individual service then has a price in credits. (That server firmware update for an entry-level server, for example, is five credits.) That simplifies the purchase process and makes it easy to get the service you need when you need it. And you can manage your credits through the HP Support Center online portal where you can identify, select, manage, and schedule the services you need anytime, anywhere.


Checkout our web site to learn more about HP support services and HP Proactive Select. I‘ve got to run. I decided to take my car to the car wash on the way home.

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