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Improving the support experience


By Krista Satherthwaite, HP Expert and Director of Marketing for Technology Services             


exec rental.jpgI’ve got to hand it to rental car companies. They really revolutionized the car renting experience. Think back. Remember standing in lines at rental counters. Waiting for the agent to shuffle through a stack on contracts to find your reservation. Signing. Initialing. We accepted it as what you had to go through to rent a car, but we knew there had to be a better way. Now—because of automation—you breeze past the counter to find your car waiting for you. Sometimes with the engine already running.


We’ve been working to revolutionize the technology support experience as well. You know the drill. Receive notice of a failure—probably from your users. Rummage through system information and support contracts. Call support. Explain the problem to an agent, again to a more experienced tech, and finally to the real expert. By the time someone solved your problem, you could experience hours of downtime. How about improving that experience? Better yet, why not let you breeze past the whole support call process and just prevent the outages in the first place.


We spent some time talking to our support customers about their experience and how we could improve it. And we’ve enhanced the support experience to be more streamlined and more proactive. We call it the HP Proactive Insight experience—an end-to-end manageability and serviceability solution.

It turns out automation is the answer here, too. We enhanced our standard support services with HP Insight Online. It gives you one place to go to track device configurations, service events, support cases, and HP contract and warranty information. Then we automated the support case logging process. If a system detects a problem, a support case is automatically created, and you receive a notification. This can save hours since you no longer need to worry about discovering a problem and calling HP to report it. If you need an on-site repair, we order the parts and give you a call letting you know when we’ll be out.


Some of our customers—those with more complex converged environments—need an even better experience. So we developed HP Proactive Care enhanced support service designed to prevent problems before they occur. Proactive Care customers receive regular reports to find and flag potential problems like out-of-date firmware, faulty configurations, unpatched software and logged errors? It also includes priority access to an advanced call center. It is great to breeze past the first-line techs and talk directly to the expert you need.


IDC did a survey of HP Proactive Insight experience customers to see how it was working for them. They report customers experienced on average 66% less downtime and saved an average of $112,000 annually due to IT cost reduction and productivity improvements. Read the whole report to see the ROI they achieved.


You can also visit The HP Proactive Insight experience which brings together manageability and serviceability to provide a unique, end-to-end solution. By utilizing automated monitoring tools, such as Insight Online and Proactive Care Services, you can prevent problems and minimize unplanned downtime.



Krista Satterthwaite is Director of Marketing, focused on Technology Services Krista Satherthwaite.jpg

Attach, for the HP Server Group. She has 16 years industry experience and previously managed the HP BladeSystem product marketing team where she was responsible for defining and launching all ProLiant server blades. 


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Customer support is a very important aspect of customer care. Whether we bought a flat screen TV or a hamburger, we somehow seek some kind of service or support after the sale was made, particularly if things go wrong. So getting the support experience right can spell success for your company.

I've been trying to get HP support for my probook for a week.  I've gotten nothing but, excuses, lies and run arounds.  Why is it so hard to get help from HP?   I have a warranty that states I am entitled to next day service.  That didn't happen.  It's been a week and I still don't have a working system .   I can't even get someone at HP to call me back when they say they will.


Hello Michelle,


I am sorry to hear that your experience with our HP Customer support has not met your expectations.


This community is focused in support services for the enterprise; nevertheless, I can help by forwarding your comment and information to the appropriate HP team.


Is there a chance you could send me your contact information and the case number in a private message?


Here are the steps:

1. create a contributor account on this platform

2. log into your account

3. click on this link: /t5/notes/privatenotespage/tab/compose/note-to-user-id/35868

4. send me your contact information, details about the issue and the history of your interactions, as well as the case number you should have received from HP customer support


Thank you for your time and your understanding.




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