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OSCON 2014: On the road with HP Expert Harry Sutton


Harry Sutton.pngBy HP Expert and Master Technologist, Harry Sutton


Once again, I had the opportunity to attend OSCON, the annual O'Reilly-sponsored Open Source Convention, held this year in Portland, Oregon (which is rapidly becoming one of my new favorite U.S. cities).  As in past events, this one didn't disappoint: I found myself faced with far more available content than the time to see it all. The (very) good news is that all of the sessions were recorded and are available for viewing and downloading from their web site here.


HP was a Diamond Sponsor at the event, with a Helion program keynote and a great booth on the exhibit floor that drew a consistent, steady flow of interested attendees. The live demo of the HP OpenStack Community Edition bare metal installation was an eye catcher, and I had the opportunity during a couple of hours of volunteer work to speak with a number of people interested in learning more about OpenStack and HP's Helion program. In one serendipitous example of “6 degrees of separation” I met and spoke at length with a young man just starting his career, who was living and working in my home town of Dayton, Ohio.


Here are just a few of my favorite sessions from this year's event:


  • Building an API for the Planet with a New Approach to Satellites. I'm not sure I can do justice to this beyond what you will see and hear, so please just take the few minutes necessary to listen to this presentation. This represents the potential of the Open Source paradigm, writ large.

  • The Concert Programmer. This was an unexpected and unequivocal delight. The juxtaposition of writing code to play music was extraordinary, I found myself wanting this session to go on far longer than it did.

  • Telling Technology Stories with iPython Notebook I'm just beginning to gain momentum with Python, and this session was like a turbo boost for me. This utility will make working with Python simpler and more intuitive – and I may even find myself using it for writing blog posts.

  • A Presentation Toolbox that Just Might Blow Your Audience Away. Like most attendees at conferences like OSCON, I'm always on the lookout for tools that will make work and life tasks easier, and especially those that will let me choose the device and method I produce and consume content on. This presentation offered an enticing alternative, and I’m going to invest some time exploring that option in the coming days.


    I'll close with a nod to one other session that captivated me; it was actually a series of presentations under the heading of Ignite. (Take a look here for more). If you've never been to one of these, you're in for a treat. It was engaging, energizing, interesting, and as it was held the first night, a perfect way to jump-start the week.


    I encourage you to take some time to look over the session list where I'm sure you'll find something (or things) that pique your interest. And the great thing is, it's yours for nothing more than the time it takes to view it.


    Open Source rules.

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