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10172485_m.jpgby Ivonne Valdes, HP Worldwide VP Technology Services Go To Market.


Is your server vendor exiting the x86 server business? If so, you’ve got an opportunity. We’ve been in the enterprise server business for more than 40 years. According to IDC, we shipped more servers in the first quarter of this year that anyone—including IBM. And HP ProLiant has been the x86 server market share leader for 72 consecutive quarters. Add to that global reach, unsurpassed expertise, and innovative thinking and you get one thing: commitment. Since you’re in decision-making mode, how you are going to be supported is going to be a key consideration. Let me tell you about the innovative thinking we’ve been doing in IT support to help customers like you meet challenges like yours. c03293836.png


We know you need to keep your IT staff focused on new opportunities, not sorting out problems with the old ones. So we structured our support into three tiers:  Foundation Care, to restore service quickly when needed, Proactive Care, which focuses on preventing downtime, and Datacenter Care, which treats your datacenter as the complex, multivendor environment it is.


HP Datacenter Care Primary Service Provider—an option where we manage responsibility for support of your multivendor datacenter—lets your IT staff focus on what matters most to your business. We describe it as the “Power of One,” because you get one contract to cover your datacenter (even those IBM and Dell hardware systems), one number to call when you need help, and one point of accountability among all your vendors.  When you call, your call goes right into our Multivendor Center of Expertise to help you resolve problems faster. If there’s finger pointing among your vendors, it’s our problem to help resolve for you -- not yours. The flexibility of the contract allows you to add services when needed: one source of expertise for those new IT initiatives that will move your business forward. 


An HP Account Support Manager (ASM) manages the activity of the HP support team and acts as your advocate within HP. He or she gets to know your business and your IT environment. Your ASM becomes a trusted technology advisor who can reach behind any HP door in the world to find the expertise you need. Datacenter Care can help reduce costs, operational complexity, and downtime.


We’ve been delivering multivendor support for 25 years, and we do it in every region of the world. But services are not just about support. They are about helping you take advantage of your opportunities. Our experts have helped more than 1000 businesses like yours transform and converge their IT infrastructure and leverage the power of the cloud to reduce costs and meet business needs. More than 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies use our services. And when asked, more than 95 percent of our Datacenter Care customer’s give us a rating of “satisfied” or “very satisfied”.


Frankly, IBM support was likely one of the reasons you choose their servers in the first place. So don’t sit back while they turn it over to Lenovo. Step up to complete datacenter support with HP Datacenter Care—the Power of One. We handle the coordination with your other vendors so that you can work with your business leaders on the next opportunity.


11023171_m.jpgTalk to your Account Support Manager or click here to find out more about Datacenter Care Primary Service Provider support.  I would also encourage you to further explore your options when it comes to x86 enterprise solutions. Then -- Find out if you qualify for a FREE ½ day workshop.  


There is a smart choice for your business. Choose HP.

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