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Postcard from Discover: Converged cloud support from HP = Choice, confidence and consistency


umbrella9.jpgTo bring the umbrella -- or not?


Sometimes one wonders, after looking up at a threatening sky on the day of a long-planned outing, how the weatherman’s predictions could be so wrong. Computer models and Doppler radar aside, just eye-balling the clouds provides a pretty good indicator about what’s going on weather-wise in our immediate neighborhood.  If we study the sky for any length of time, we see how each cloud forms and morphs in size and shape, each in a different way, bringing about and signaling its own kind of weather. 


Too bad you can’t just eye-ball the sky to figure out what cloud computing approach is right for your business. That’s why you need an experienced partner like HP and the flexible building blocks of HP Cloud solutions.  HP has the industry's only common architecture across private, managed, and public cloud solutions.  This means that if you're building onto existing infrastructure or from the ground up, HP provides a complete model with the right security and reliability levels across all delivery platforms. You can trust us to scale with you as your business evolves and transforms, forming and morphing in size and shape. And –your customers will appreciate the same application experience regardless of the back-end.


Today, HP cloud solutions support functions as diverse as running the world's ATMs or keeping the skies safe for travel. From complex manufacturing systems to secure financial transactions, HP Converged Cloud provides the agility, reliability and support needed to run the most business critical applications and processes.


Find out more about Converged Cloud solutions from HP.


Meet HP expert Jerome Findlayter!


“I have over 23 years of experience in the IT industry. During that time, I was called upon to work with hundreds of customers who faced any number of business challenges. I can honestly say that I learned something from every customer interaction; I hope that my clients can say the same about me, too.”





Along with colleague David Way, Jerome delivered a very popular session at Discover 2013, earlier this summer.  In their session, CloudSystem Master Class , Matrix Masters David and Jerome  took some of the mystery out of cloud computing.  Matrix Masters are the technology and solution-delivery experts who work with you to build your cloud your way. In this hands-on lab, they covered key aspects of CloudSystem—from technology and functionality to implementation tips and tricks.


Discover session slides


Video: Launching your data center into the Converged Cloud - Don Randall


Video:  NEW Converged Cloud Support Services from Technology Services



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