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Profile in Global Citizenship: HP Technology Services' Kim Mims-Spellman


hfb_logo.png2013 was a memorable year for Kim Mims-Spellman, who is a Director in the HP Technology Services Business Management Analytics organization.


In January, her husband, Chuck, surprised her with a special celebration in honor of her 50th birthday. In the invitations he sent out to dozens of friends and relatives, he asked guests to bring canned goods - instead of birthday presents - to help restock the SHARE food bank that serviced needy families in Houston County. The guests overwhelmed the couple with their generosity. “It was the most memorable gift I have ever received”, says Kim. “When we delivered the food, I learned that SHARE is not only a food bank but also a "necessities pantry" for Houston area residents in crisis situations”.


She relates that she had only ever thought about giving food to food banks. Like many of us, it never crossed her mind that things like socks, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, detergent and other various sundries were also items that are needed, and most are not eligible for support from state or federally-assisted programs.


Mapping the whole social media campaign process with the first-hand experience of delivering her gift to the food bank kindled a creative spark in Mims-Spellman. What if she were to leverage her knowledge and experience in technology and social media to drive awareness and encourage her friends to donate a few new pairs of socks and bars of soap?  She knew that any successful program had to have a goal. 100 items sounded like a lot, but she thought it was an attainable number. And then she set to work to build social media “frenzy”, reaching out to 100-plus online friends who could help her collect 100 new pairs of socks and bars of soap in 30 days.


Kim used Facebook to get the word out, as well as tapping the traditional resources of radio and newspapers.  “At the beginning it seemed like 30 days was enough time, but I knew it was critical to literally create a frenzy to reach the goal in that time period”. Not surprisingly, given her energy and enthusiasm, the plan worked. Her “socks and soap” campaign went viral and in less than ten days, her social media circle grew five-fold. By the end of 30 days she had received donations of over 3,000 pairs of new socks - and just as many bars of soap. 


“The following month, I tried my good fortune with a similar drive focusing on toothbrushes and toothpaste, and I upped the ante to 500 of each item”, she said. Once again, the response was wild, and the collection drive yielded over 3,000 of each item, as well.   They say the third time is a charm so, once again, she took a chance on the generous spirit of friends and colleagues by mounting a cereal and deodorant drive.  “I had to take into account that I was asking allot of my friends”. Kim related. “I considered the responses from the last two drives and the risk that I might be tapping them out with back-to-back collection drives.  So this time, I set the goal at 350 items each”.  Once again, she was pleasantly surprised: the results came in at three times her ask. 


“By this time, I was pretty exhausted, and I planned to take a bit of a break.  Much to my surprise, however, my ever- growing list of social media friends contacted me repeatedly asking, ‘So Kim - What is next’? “  She had to take a deep breath. She explains that Texans were at the beginning of the brutally hot weather that envelops East Texas, May through September. It seemed like the best option for the next campaign was to focus on providing fans to help keep senior citizens cool.  This item represented a greater price point for contributors and a bulkier footprint for storage and distribution, so she set her goal at 100 units.  She collaborated with a local department store to make it easy for shoppers to purchase a fan and leave it at the store for pickup and delivery to the SHARE facility, where distribution to a deserving senior would occur.  It took two days organize the logistics, and then the social media blast began.  In spite of the price point and bulkier footprint, the new goal was exceeded within the first three weeks.


Says Mims-Spellman, “I think the lesson learned here is that people like to be told what type of help is needed.  It makes it easy for them to contribute and be recognized as a part of a community giving solution”. 


images.jpgKim Mims-Spellman has been an HP employee for 25 years, and believes that the HP culture has fueled her passion for giving. This must be true as many colleagues at Hewlett Packard also embraced her efforts on these drives. She received donations from as far away as Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Michigan and from all over Texas. “On a small scale, these campaigns represented a great grass-roots example of HP Making it Matter”.


Kim - We couldn’t agree with you more! Congratulations on your remarkable efforts on behalf of your community. You have represented HP in an exemplary manner, and your colleagues at HP salute you.

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Can anyone help me, i cannot get my internal cam to work.

Hello knogwell,
I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your HP product.
Even though this page is focused on products and services for the enterprise, I would like to help as much as possible.


You can visit the HP Support site where you can find more information and troubleshoot your specific product.


Hope this helps, JP Hurtado.

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