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  by10656599_m.jpg  Dionne Morgan, Manager, Worldwide HP Technology Services Support Marketing


Do you remember the “Reach out and touch someone” ads AT&T ran in the early 1980s? (Well, maybe you’ve heard about them.) The tag line has become a part of our language, but it’s hard to conceive of a time when the phone company had to advertise to get people to use long distance telephone service. Now, we’re so connected we rarely notice where people are when we call, text, or email them. That’s where we’re headed with computer system support, too. Except it’s the systems that are getting connected.


It’s an obvious solution we started years ago—connect your systems to our support centers so they can report their own problems, and so our techs can investigate and diagnose them. This year, we’re making it easier, more useful, and more secure. The idea is to let the computers do what computers do best—the routine and tedious—so you can get back to work doing what  you do best—creative business problem solving.


Who better than a computer to sift through reams of system logs looking for problems, to compare software versions to released patch levels, to identify firmware that needs to be updated, to spot faulty configurations? Almost all of our servers, storage, and network systems have the ability to connect to software that can monitor the systems 24 x 7 and enable our experts to run periodic system scans and health checks. And you get even more value when you let your system reach out and touch our support centers.


That’s because we get problem reports automatically, sometimes even before you know there’s a problem. And because the system sends all the troubleshooting information it has along with the report, it goes to a tech who can diagnose the problem with almost 100% accuracy and dispatch the right part if needed. That means problems get resolved and service restored quicker. Even better, it can mean that problems are spotted and corrected even before they cause a service interruption. All while you’re creatively solving business problems.


You need to know what’s happening, too, of course. So we provide a portal with a personalized dashboard into all your system, case, and contract information. You also get access to our global knowledge base and a community of HP, partner, and peer experts.


Does it work? Studies show customers who connect their systems are experiencing up to 55% reduction in service call times and up to 66% less unplanned downtime. They are also reducing the time they spend managing contracts and warranties by up to 90%. Now there’s a routine and tedious task most of us are happy to have a computer do.

Whether you use HP Foundation Care—designed for fast reactive support—or HP Proactive Caredesigned to prevent issues—connected systems can improve your IT operations and put you back to work doing what your business most needs you to do.


But first you have to get connected. It’s easy. And we use the same security technology your online banking uses, so it’s secure. 


HP Support Centers

HP Support Center gives businesses one place to go for online information, tools and help to support HP business products.


Dionne3.jpgDionne Morgan manages the Worldwide Technology Services Support Marketing team, which is responsible for raising industry awareness and enabling sales of industry-leading Support Services.


Morgan began her career at HP in 1992 as a Technical Support Specialist for HP’s PCs, servers, and imaging and printing products. She then joined the Knowledge Engineering team, focused on transforming HP’s support organization from using paper-based documentation to using an online knowledge database. These two experiences prepared her to program manage and market HP’s first support web site and electronic support tools. As Worldwide Marketing Manager, she was responsible for the successful creation and launch of industry-leading, award-winning electronic support tools and portals, such as the HP IT Resource Center and HP Business Support Center. She was also responsible for marketing HP’s support services globally to clients and partners.


In her current role, Morgan leads her team as they work with clients, sales reps, channel partners, industry analysts and press to ensure that HP’s services and capabilities are properly positioned and well-understood in the industry and work to enable sales and channel partners to offer the right solutions to meet their clients’ needs. She is IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-certified.


Born on Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, Morgan spent her childhood in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University and a Master's in Business Administration from Boise State University. She is based in Palo Alto, California.


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Hello, I recently purchased a refur'ed;


HP Compaq8510p (2008)


S/N: CNU74822TW


P/N: RQ557AV


w/Window 7 Home Prem


Pro/Key: 9G6F6-9HP3B-64W39-R89FK-8YCCV


Problem: when i click on the icon to make the computer go to full screen nothing happens(youtube, couchtuner,etc.)? i think i just need to download a driver...can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Hello Dave Claypoole,


Even though this page is focused on products and services for the enterprise, I would like to help as much as possible.


You can visit the HP Support Center chat, where they could help you with your problem:


Or also you can browse the support site for other help resources:


Hope this helps,

José Arias

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