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Tales of downtime havoc and survival: just one of the great Discover 2014 sessions


The word “downtime” used to be spoken a lot more easily and lightly. Today, if you own a business that relies on IT (and who doesn’t), it’s a word that evokes fear, frustration, and all kinds of potential losses – money, productivity, customers, reputation.

If you’ve been there, you know what we’re talking about. Even if you haven’t, you’ve heard the stories … and they are not for the faint of heart.    

HP Technology Services will be telling some of those stories of both havoc and survival in a Discover 2014 business breakout session titled:  “Tales from the trenches: What downtime can mean to your business, and how a complete support strategy can mitigate risk and reduce costs.”  The session will focus on the importance of a support strategy as the ultimate weapon to win in trench warfare against downtime. Find out about the questions you should ask and the tools you can use to develop an effective strategy—one of which is HP's Cost of Downtime Tool. Then, examine the financial and operational aspects of the HP support solution with a clear undertsanding of the balance between support costs and downtime risk.

A great cost/benefit analysis
In the modern IT environment, expectations for reliability and performance are growing, but resources and budget are not. Today’s data centers are becoming more complex, making the cost of downtime more significant than ever. Used by a skilled HP representative, the HP Cost of Downtime Tool can show you the actual cost of downtime for your operations. The tool was developed for HP by industry analysts IDC and is based on data from IDC’s Business Value Database. The tool uses information collected over the past five years from over 3,000 companies in 43 countries and over 25 industries. It also incorporates data from recent interviews with actual customers and takes into account the degree to which your company has implemented a variety of best practices associated with business continuity in defining potential impacts and savings. You’ll come away from this session with a sound understanding of the actual cost of unplanned downtime for your organization, as well as some of the specific steps you can take to keep downtime and its costs to a minimum.  

To find out more, go to the session description on the HP Discover 2014 site.  If preventing downtime is a priority for you, you might also benefit from these other Technology Services sessions at HP Discover:

If you haven’t yet registered for Discover, you can do so by clicking here.  You can also get complete information about the event at the HP Discover 2014 website.

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