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Time to re-evaluate your server provider? It’s time to give HP another look


Seattle.jpgBy Don Randall, WW Marketing Manager, HP Technology Services


It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  And this is the time of year that you want to be in Seattle, where I live. – It’s sunny, not raining, and the region is packed with things to do like taking part in outdoor experiences, or watching great sunsets, and many visitors are here to enjoy the uniqueness of the city in the shadow of Mount Rainier.  Recently we had old friends come through town, and we had a chance to get reacquainted.   In a way it was like we were the same as we were some time ago, but in many ways we’d changed and had a lot to catch up on. 


There’s an analogy here to the IT industry, particularly given the recent uncertainty created by IBM’s decision to transition its X86 business to China pc manufacturer, Lenovo.  In the services business especially, uncertainty is not good.  Change and uncertainty can disrupt longstanding relationships, and since you’ve got to launch new products and systems, keep IT operations at peak efficiency, and move quickly on innovations, you may be looking into other IT partners.     


I’d say HP deserves another look.


You may have known HP before, but as with my old friend who had quit smoking and lost 15 pounds since we last got together, some things may have changed for the better.  HP is one of few in the IT industry that has been delivering datacenter services for decades, building   expertise and capabilities that qualify our claim of being a top tier IT partner.  You’re going to need both stability and innovation from a partner. You can’t push forward with new solutions without a reliable support team-mate who’s  got your back, who can help you navigate the challenging road forward, through potholes and dead ends, and help you stay on track on the way.   In addition, you’ll want and need innovation in products, solutions and in services so that you can be the one to leapfrog ahead of your competition -- instead of watching others leapfrog you. 


It’s tough to do.



HP qualifies in both respects.  We work with the world’s leading enterprises every day with expertise they can count on, and as their one accountable partner for support.  And HP, long known to be a leader in IT innovation, is bringing more groundbreaking products, services and software to market. We’re launching more innovative solutions today than in any other time in our history. New solutions such as Converged Systems, new technology such as Apollo, and innovative services such as Flexible Capacity.  


Is your server vendor exiting the market?  Then it’s time to re-evaluate.


We’re qualified and ready to help and I would encourage you to get to know us again. Start by watching this short video, or by visiting . Then, get in touch with your HP team and ask them how you can make the Smart Choice when it comes to choosing a new partner.




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